Monday, June 26, 2017

What Black People Need

The thing that's holding back blacks today is black leadership! In order to preserve their own influence and position, they keep black people isolated. They tell them that their lagging status in American society is due to the malevolence of white people, and that they are victims! That the path forward is to march arm and arm on the capitol and "demand equality, their fair share!" In other words, the path forward is collective and political!

The Leftist academia and media go along with this, making these unsubstantiated assertions of victimhood so often, they are presumed to be fact! Along with this is the glorification of the thug ghetto culture as something uniquely "black".

Another noxious concept is "white privilege", the most privileged being Jews and American Irish. Yet in the 19th Century, Irish and Jewish immigrants started out at the very bottom! This is achievement not privilege! Oh, but their skin wasn't black, the apologists will say.  Sorry. Take a look at Nigerian immigrants who are prospering in the US by the hundreds of thousands.

First, the fact that blacks lag economically is not due to white malevolence!  America has bent over backwards to give blacks an equal opportunity to get education, employment, housing and all manner of transfer payments such as Section 8 Vouchers and EBT cards.

The reality is: black progress will come by working hard, by getting an education, and saving money. Black progress will start when the Jessie Jacksons of the world are put out to pasture and the thug ghetto culture is ridiculed for the destructive effect it has rather than being glorified. Rather than being "black", this thug ghetto cultures has its roots amongst the southern red necks!

Only when black students who do well in school and speak "proper" are not beaten for "going white" is there going to be progress for black people.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Passing of Christian Europe

As the ancient Israelites turned their backs on the Lord and were destroyed, so too is Christian Europe. Without any gratitude or accountability to the Lord for his goodness, European society has basically lost its will to live. Moral relativism is the key.

If all societies are equal, with no appreciation for God's gifts of peace and prosperity, there is no reason to defend yours. Allowing in floods of Jihadists who hate Christian society and Christians is proving suicidal. But the Marxist view is "all people are the same, and motivated economically. So all we have to do is provide money and opportunity for all and we'll all live happily ever after."

The Marxists have either forgotten 1400 years of Islamic theology or are intentionally concealing it for their own purposes. They choose to ignore the concept of Hijra and Jihad.

Though the secularists think to themselves "oh since I don't go to church, the Jihadists won't come after me" they are sadly mistaken. One can be shredded by IED ball bearings or run down by a truck in a public space regardless of church membership.

It's astounding to see the European leaders engage in willful blindness to Islamic Jihad! Attack after attack is dismissed as "the million and thirty second disturbed young Muslim, but Islam has nothing to do with it."  There is a deep seated resignation and passivity to the destruction of the society for which they are responsible. The only concerted government action is against their own citizenry who are beginning to fight back against being led by their suicidal leaders to the Islamic Chopping blocks.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Forbidden Scenario

Walking in downtown Denver: the 16th Street Mall hyped to be the summertime center: music, shops, open air restaurants.  But all I see is trash, drunks vomiting in the alleys, boarded up mall spaces, and panhandlers. Then I see a  dozen black teenagers, all carrying 3 foot lengths of rebar.   I cross the street, wanting to put distance between me and this perceived threat.   But they start tracking me, and start crossing the street mall towards me.  I turn and run!

I can hear them behind me, also running. Now they're yelling "git that motherfucker, kill this motherfucker, we gonna  kill yo' ass!"  I see a corner of a building and head for it.  Rounding the corner, I take shelter out of view of my pursuers.  I draw my XDm .40 caliber, loaded with self-defense hollow points and dial 911 on my cell phone. I place the weapon at the ready position and lean around the corner. It's a semi-defensible position. The thought of being surrounded in the middle of the street by a dozen young blacks swinging 3 foot rebars didn't seem survivable.

No more than 10 feet away, at a dead run, are these yelling and whooping young men, holding the rebars high.  I open fire, yelling "stay away from me!".  The training kicks in, head shot after head shot, with the hollow points fulfilling their design function.  Four figures lay sprawled on the sidewalk, each with a growing pool of dark blood , the rebars still in their hands.  With yelps and whimpers, the others turn and flee. I take no further action: bullets in the back cannot be justified as defensive.

I am suddenly cognizant of the voice of 911 on the phone howling for more information.  I say "There's been a shooting at 16th and Stout, send the police and medical assistance. My name is DMP, I'm 78 years old, and I'm wearing a blue blazer and gray slacks".  Click!  I hang up and call  US Law shield and say the same thing.

A police car screeches around the corner with lights and sirens blazing. I get on my knees, lay my pistol down on the ground in front of me and interlock my fingers  on the top of my head! "FREEZE"! says a strong voice.  I don't move a muscle.  I am slammed from behind, flattening me on the pavement, breaking and bloodying my nose.  My arms are seized and bent behind my back, my wrists are handcuffed.  Then I'm yanked to my feet and dragged to the back of a police car. Blood and phlegm have completely soiled the front of my shirt and pants.

ALL RIGHT, ASSHOLE, YOU WANNA TELL US WHAT HAPPENED?"  I respond, "I fully want to co-operate with Law Enforcement, but for the present I  decline to answer any questions until I have had a chance to consult with my attorney".

In spite of all deceptive tactics by the police to strike up a conversation to get me talking, or to intimidate me, I stick to my mantra until the US Law Shield attorney shows up. I'm out of jail in three days, I've filed reports and statements, and we will know whether or not the DA will file charges in a week or so. I have an appointment to get my nose put back together, which hurts like hell. Only God knows if I'll ever get my pistol back.

The interesting thing is the press. They're having trouble depicting a 78 year old as a "cowboy looking to shoot someone" or as a "racist seeking to harass a dozen young blacks".  But they are trying.

What I found the most telling is the interviews with the "families" of the young blacks.  "my boy, he be good boy!  He goin' college, until he be shot by dat honkie motherfucker!"  Police reports on the youngsters showed, even at 15, they all had long rap sheets of drugs, assaults, and robberies.  Also, this particular young man had dropped out of school the year before.

Some of the assailants were apprehended and interviewed.  "Why do you do this?"  "Oh, I dunno, we jus' bored.  Besides we don' know 'em, we don' care about hurtin' em!"  Still, the black groups are howling "Justice for the Denver four!"  But better this than my wife arranging my funeral about now.

My strategy is that I'm going to file civil lawsuits against all the "families" (usually a grandma or a single mom at best).  If nothing else, I'll take their EBT cards.  Offense is the best defense.


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