Thursday, September 14, 2017

More on Sept 14th

We were arguing with the black moderator. We were pointing out the Qur'anic references to our assertions. He responded by saying "that may be your truth but it's not my truth!"

So how do you deal with that? A relativistic view of the world governed by "feelings" and not facts.

OSCE Conference, Warsaw PL, Sept 14, 2017

The fighters for freedom, Americans for America, Pax Europa, Act for America Minneapolis, Center for Security Policy,  Henrik's NGO, and my Sea Jay Foundation all gave a total of 13 interventions today.
After each one, the moderator "reminded" us to stick by the OSCE Standards.  Turns out, their "Standard" was  "not to link violence to any religion".  Of course, that's a lie! All you have to do is look at the ample references to Jihad in the Qur'an. It shows the reference point of the European Left and their emotional response to Islam.

The other OSCE moderator we talked to was a huge black Muslim.  He told us "we saw your application, we know what you believe, but we let you come anyway."  In other words, they would like nothing better than to kick us out of the Conference. We are disturbing their leftie "tolerance and non-discrimination" narrative that whitewashes Islam. 

And since we are disrupting the narrative, they are pissed! My guess this is our last trip to the Conference. The Muslims have enough money to get them to keep us out!

France, Germany, Austria, the UK and Canada all expressed "disappointment" that there were those who were "not moving forward with the OSCE agenda" of the multiculturalism inclusive path to security. But all you have to do is  look at Europe and see that it is a lie.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Free speech rallies by ACT for America scheduled for Sept 9th were cancelled. This, owing to the intimidation of ANTIFA.  The leadership whimpered about it "being a difficult decision".... No, folding in the face of threats is the EASY decision. To stand for Liberty when you're at risk is the difficult decision.

Usually, there is mumbling about "the safety of our members is paramount".   No, standing up for Liberty is paramount!  What do you think our forefathers felt standing in the skirmish line at Concord bridge with loaded muskets, facing a column of approaching heavily armed British troops?  What do you think the first line of raw recruit Blue Coats felt as they stepped off towards Confederate positions at the Battle of Bull Run?   Or what do you think the Marines felt who were in the first wave landing craft to hit the Island of Iwo Jima?

Here's what I propose: at the next Freedom Rally, real men [1] show up that are willing to stand for liberty in the tradition of those who have gone before us!  I recommend we wear our armor and helmets, carry our pistols and clubs, yet with the full intention of marching peacefully.

If Law Enforcement fulfills their Oath of Office to "uphold and protect the Constitution" and keeps violent groups like ANTIFA and BLM away from us as we exercise our Constitutional rights, that's good!  But chances are, they will deny us a permit, citing "the threat of violence, and they cannot guarantee our safety."   But since when has standing for Liberty ever been "safe"?

Are we going to allow the threat of violence by Left Wing groups nullify our Constitutional Right to free speech and peaceful assembly?  Are we going to allow the spineless City Officials cave in to ANTIFA intimidation and surrender our rights?  These Officials need to remember that their duty is to "uphold the Constitution" not just "keep the peace".

[1] Yes, ladies, I said "real men"!  That doesn't mean the ladies can't show. But we're expecting fists, kicks,  clubs, brickbats, urine, feces and worse!  We're not talking rational relational dialogue here!  ANTIFA has young females doing their worst. Are you ready to help us take them on if need be?


The DNC, seeing that it is losing the popular vote, will now use ANTIFA, funded by big Democratic donors,  to deny freedom of speech and assembly to its opponents, (meaning anyone NOT on the LEFT who will be labeled "Nazis"). This will include any speeches, rallies, town hall meetings by Republicans, and soon Tea Parties! They intend to make the Trump rallies of the last election IMPOSSIBLE

Any city controlled by the Democrats will have the police stand down, "Sorry, we can't guarantee your safety" (at the orders of the Mayor as did happen in Charlottesville).  Google and Face Book will also be enlisted to shut down political websites not on the Left as "hate speech".

Historically, ANTIFA has been around for a long time! It was the same ANTIFA that Hitler's Brown Shirts fought on the streets of German Cities in the 1920's as the Weimar Republic broke down. Same symbols, same tactics!  Is America the next Weimar Republic?

Members of the far-left Antifa extremist organization give a clenched fist salute on Sept. 1, 1928. The group's original intent was to bring out a communist dictatorship in Germany. (Fox Photos/Getty Images)
                                                                  ANTIFA in Germany, 1928

And what do we hear from our RINO representatives like Coffman and Senator Gardner? Silence!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Freedom of Speech and assembly

These two priceless pillars of our constitutional liberty are under attack. Here’s the way they are being undermined, the melee in Charlottesville being a good case study.

1.       The Organizers applied for a permit to have their rally. They were initially denied a permit, but then were granted one after an appeal to a Federal Court.

2.       The rally began with the marchers lined up to proceed to Lee Park, a city block turned into a park with a statue of Robert E Lee in the middle thereof. 

3.       Hostile mobs of Antifa, BLM and other left-wing groups, bussed in from New York and elsewhere, surrounded and pelted the marchers with all manner projectiles, dangerous and disgusting. Anticipating this, the marchers had shields, and formed a surroundng phalanx to protect themselves.

4.       After 40 minutes, heavily armed police formed up behind the marchers and announced by bullhorn that the march was “an unlawful assembly and commanded the marchers to disperse”.  The marchers found themselves caught between the police and the hostile mobs. As the marchers tried to disperse and leave the park for a safe zone, the mob charged and a melee ensued.

5.       The mainstream press and the Democratic Governor and Mayor immediately blamed the violence on the marchers and on President Trump.

6.       The call went forth to ban “hate groups” from having rallies and making speeches “because of the hate and violence of the white supremacists”.


1.       The marchers had a permit and the Constitutional right to free speech and assembly, even though their points of view some may consider marginal.

2.        The violence was caused not by the marchers, but by the Democratic Mayor giving the police the “stand down” order that allowed the mob of ANTIFA and BLM thugs to attack with impunity!

3.       The oath that elected officials and police officers take is to uphold the Constitution, NOT  merely to “keep the peace”.  They had an obligation to protect the marchers’ exercise of their Constitutional rights by keeping the groups separated, not by being a blocking force that forced the groups together making a violent melee inevitable.

4.       Bussing in large numbers of ANTIFA activists takes money and logistic planning. Whoever is doing it needs to be exposed and stopped. 


1.       If our society is to NOT lapse into civil war, we must keep in mind our Constitutional rights. 

2.       If we agree that “Fascists must not be allowed to speak”, then it won’t be long before the Progressives will apply this to Republicans, white people, Christians or anyone else on their enemy’s list du jour.

3.       There IS ALWAYS more than one point of view! Joe Biden’s remarks[1] that there is “only one side” it typical of the Progressive moralistic tone. The trouble with the moralist is that the “I’m right and you’re evil” conviction shuts down any rational discussion of the issue.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Diversity and Google

Sadly, for all SJW's, tech ability isn't distributed in accordance with politically correct guidelines.  Recently, Jessie Jackson wanted to pass laws that stated any IT contract with the Federal Government would mandate a quota of black programmers.  In his statement he referred to the discriminatory "white men and brown men".  He was referring to the large number of Indian programmers, so he couldn't hang the mantle of racist only on white people for a change.

Then, Google would have to put Jessie Jackson's girlfriend on salary at $120,000 a year without her having to write even a line of code! (or even show up for work for that matter).  The Google executive that pointed out the insanity of all this was summarily fired!  It shows how toxic our society has become.


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