Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mass Shooting Pattern

Step 1:
Mass shooting. Note that the shooter is always found dead. Paddock and now this Texas shooter. On queue, the Mainstream Media and the Democrats commence a full-court press for "something to be done about gun control!!!"

Step 2:
Local Sheriff  announces heroic intention to assemble investigative resources to get to the bottom of the incident.

Step 3:
FBI takes over the case. The next time you see the Sheriff, he's quaking in his boots  mouthing the FBI party line of  "deranged solitary shooter, nothing to see here, move along!" And we note the stone faced intimidating FBI Official standing behind the Sheriff  making sure the Sheriff is saying what he as been told to say!

Step 4:
FBI gathers and destroys all evidence: videos, photos, gag orders, documents, (like hotel records, maids disappearing, witnesses mysteriously dying, confiscating and wiping cell phones, etc.)

Step 5:
The incident disappears from the public eye. Gone! Who hears anything about the Las Vegas shooting anymore?  the assumption is: the public has no memory and is stupid.....

Why would this be?  To speculate:

  • The real purpose of these shootings might to precipitate public sentiment for GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION!  
  • Why? Because the Globalist Muslim alliance desperately needs to disarm the American people to execute their take-down of us!
  • Who's doing it?  The Republicrat deep state and the Muslim groups who still have control of most of the government agencies and vast resources.
  • My prediction is there will be consecutive shootings, growing in ferocity, until the Globalists finally get their legislation or the American people finally figure out what the Globalists and their Muslim allies are doing and stop them!

Why Europe is Breaking

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Poles Have Got It Right!

Taking a Knee "Controversy": Only The First Step!

My my, so much controversy! We will just have to take down the American flag, that symbol of Oppression! Then when things settle down, we'll substitute the UN Flag, a key step to the globalist Caliphate! (The black ISIS flag will come later).  We'll have little children sing a UN anthem or two, and awww, it'll be so cute! (Soros will love it! Although he doesn't know it, at the right time we'll eliminate him and his sons once they've served their purpose....)

The next step will be to have the UN Secretary of Human Rights in as the game's guest of honor, some Mullah from Sudan with blood on his hands (but that's OK with us!)

But what we're really looking forward to is the "enhanced half time activities": we'll start having public executions!  There'll be JEWS, Christians, and "white supremacists" who were caught with American flags on their trucks!  Can't have such bigotry and hate! Right?

So, Mr. & Mrs. America, shut the f**k up and keep buying the season tickets, the $11 beers and watching the games on TV! We need you to just fuhgeddaboudit, go back to the way it's always been and continue to fund the salaries of the kneelers, the main stream media with the anchors that trash your traditions.  We need your money to continue to destroy your country! 

Allahu Akbar you morons!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Quick Response to Senator McCain:


Building a strong America isn't "refusing obligations of international leadership", nor are core American values, such as free speech and religious liberty "half-baked spurious nationalism", or a "tired dogma of the past to be consigned to the ash heap of history"!

If anything, what's appalling to us is your desire to gut American sovereignty by suborning it to international trade commissions, or to export American jobs to China to  conglomerates owned by Chinese Generals that use slave labor.

What we find objectionable, Senator,  is your loyalty to your Globalist and Muslim paymasters instead of your Arizona constituency.  What other US Senator can proudly display his picture with ISIS fighters and take money from George Soros?

If there is anyone who needs to be catapulted into the ash heap of history, Senator, it is you!

Dave Petteys
Sea Jay Foundation


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