Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Quick Response to Senator McCain:


Building a strong America isn't "refusing obligations of international leadership", nor are core American values, such as free speech and religious liberty "half-baked spurious nationalism", or a "tired dogma of the past to be consigned to the ash heap of history"!

If anything, what's appalling to us is your desire to gut American sovereignty by suborning it to international trade commissions, or to export American jobs to China to  conglomerates owned by Chinese Generals that use slave labor.

What we find it objectionable, Senator,  is your loyalty to your Globalist and Muslim paymasters instead of your Arizona constituency.  What other US Senator can proudly display his picture with ISIS fighters or take money from George Soros?

If there is anyone who needs to be catapulted into the ash heap of history, Senator, it is you!

Dave Petteys
Sea Jay Foundation

Monday, October 9, 2017

"You Hate Muslims, Don't You?"

"Hate" is the wrong word:  I don't want
  • Muslims to flood in by the millions, to climb on welfare for the rest of their lives, to cost American taxpayers billions annually.
  • Muslims to settle in non-assimilating, ever increasing numbers enclaves that become islands of Islamic State no-go zones where the Shari'ah is implemented.
  • Muslims to call for imposition of their Shari'ah slice by slice on the whole of American society that would soon extinguish our prosperity and liberties. Their current push for blasphemy laws is a case in point!  Violent Jihad, as we see in Europe, follows once the number of Muslims becomes large enough.
  • Muslims to reach demographic plurality, to overthrow our Republic and to impose a government that would implement the Shari'ah Law and enslave us in our own homeland.
This is all part of the plan [1] being implemented against us by the Organization of Islamic Co-operation with the Muslim Brotherhood its executive agent.

It's not that I "hate Muslims", it's that I love America and our Judeo-Christian prosperous civilization.  It's not our charitable "Christian obligation" to let millions of these "civilizational Jihadists" overwhelm and destroy us.


Sunday, October 1, 2017


The OSCE is riddled with Muslim Brotherhood operatives. They whole organization has been bent to the purpose of the Global Islamic Movement.  At each session, one of the presenters was a Muslim. Some of the Moderators were Muslim and they decide who is and who is not admitted to the Conference!

It's appalling to see the European Lefties running around doing their bidding. They are like the Cappos at the death camps, hoping that if they are faithful servants, their executioners will show pity upon them.  But, as history has shown, the Cappos were merely the last ones  run through the gas chambers when camp operations are wrapped up.

Friday, September 29, 2017


So it's big black professional football players making millions whining that they are oppressed?
1. What other country would these individuals have the same opportunity?
2. Blacks remain at the bottom of the economic ladder owing to their sense of victimhood instead of taking responsibility for their own lives.
3. Progress for black people will come individually as a person works hard, gets an education, starts a career,  saves money, starts a family and builds their life JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!
4. They will not progress as a group marching arm in arm with Jessie Jackson demanding a cash payout from the government. America gives people equal opportunity NOT equality and a free handout!
5. Another regressive aspect is "black culture" the ghetto thug culture that considers good grades in school as "going white"!  Black leaders can't whine about the lack of blacks in the various professions when black culture rejects what they consider "white education"!
5. Let's face it! Look at the cities that blacks control: Detroit! (A shambles)  St Louis (a deteriorating hell hole)  Chicago (where the population is fleeing by the tens of thousands every year!

The thug culture drives out businesses and the tax base shrinks. And a city can't build an economy when most of the population is on EBT cards!  White people flee the muggings, robberies and murders and the press decries them as "racists!"  (Of course all the news executives commute from their gated and guarded communities in armored limousines!)

The solution is to hold the black community accountable for the crime and dysfunctionality, and not to let them off the hook, saying "we don't want to reinforce racial stereotypes!"  These stereotypes need to be faced and changed by the black community itself!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Treblinka, Sept 16, 2017

The  road to Treblinka  through the forests. The reason the SS picked this location was its accessibility by rail line, but in the "middle of nowhere".  It was an institutional  premeditated attempt to commit a crime against humanity undetected!  Side note: the cars parked off the road in the forest were people picking wild mushrooms.

This is a map of the camp.  It was reconstructed from the memories of survivors who escaped during the prisoner uprising of August 1943. The camp operated from August 1942 to October 1943 in which an estimated 900,000 human beings were systematically killed.  About 600 prisoners escaped during the uprising, but most were killed or recaptured.  Only 70 made good on their effort.

Walking into where the camp was this monument, one of several in different languages.

There was a model of the camp in the museum. It was under glass, so the overhead florescent lights interfered. But this is the railroad siding that brought the trains of people to the camp. The platform is at the top, along with the buildings where the people were disrobed and dispossessed of everything. 

After the people were stripped, their clothes, jewelry and eyeglasses were sorted into piles, which are depicted in the model as you see here.

Another view of the sorted piles of belongings with the stripping buildings to the left. We can see only one of the two. The "cappos" did this work: young Jewish teen agers who were pressed into slave labor.

As we walked into the site of where the camp was, there was a ribbon strung along the path in the trees, placed by Israeli tourists, upon which the names of relatives who perished here were inscribed.

This is a stylized reconstruction of the location of the rail siding, and where the rails were located. The original ones were demolished in 1943 when the camp was dismantled and the fields plowed to make the area look like it had always been a farm.

This is the stylized rendition of the rail platform onto which the victims were offloaded from the train wagons and herded immediately to the disrobing buildings.  The upended stones on the far left were labeled with the names of the different countries of origin of the helpless people sent here. When people disembarked, there were signs posted to make the platform look like a legitimate train station: signs directing to different lines and different cities.

At the upper right you can see the disrobing buildings where the people were stripped, and in the case of long haired women, their hair was shaved off. Then the Ukrainian guards would drive the people along the corridor made of high fences lined with vines so as to obscure vision of the rest of the camp. You can see that it curves up and to the right, directly into the gas chamber.

At the right is the end of the vined corridor and the short gap to the entrance of the gas chamber. There was a central hall with large doors on each side. People were told to raise their arms so more could be packed into the chambers. They were tiled for easy cleaning with tiles that had stars of David on them. 

The gas was generated by an old Russian tank engine and it took 25 minutes for the process to be completed.  Then, the cappos pulled the bodies out of the chambers and piled them on burning grilles which consisted of railroad tracks placed on concrete stands with wood fires underneath.  Part of the cappo's job was to check the bodies for gold fillings and, if finding any, to knock the teeth out for the gold recovery.  The white we see in the model are the naked bodies on the burning grille.

In the museum was a film clip of the thick, acrid, black smoke billowing out of the camp, taken from a distance,  visible for miles. 

The vine laced corridor was cynically labeled "Himmel Strasse", or way to heaven. The picture above shows its approximate location.  The monument in the distance is the site of the gas chamber itself.
A closer view of the Monument. it is surrounded by 17,000 upended rocks, symbolizing the 17,000 people a day who lost their lives in this camp.

Location of where the burning grille was located.

My Leftist friends say that "this validates the necessity of stopping all the Trump Nazis!" But the reality is, the Soviets liquidated more people than the National Socialists could even laid their hands on! 80 years of gulags and countless millions of deaths!

The key is totalitarianism!  The common thread is the "purification" of the body politic according to the ruling ideology.  The Nazis piled up bodies owing to racial motivations: the Soviets for economic reasons!  And the Muslims for religious reasons: the Fatwa of 1915 that resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians. The Pakistani Genocide in 1971, and the appalling butchery by ISIS.

And in the genocidal redux, we now hear black leaders saying "White people are subhuman", precisely what was said about the Jews in the 1930's!  We hear the Left  demonize us with accusations of "white privilege" just as the Jews were demonized for profiting from the German loss after World War I.  Every day, young blacks are told that "white people are the ones keeping you down!" (If you're a victim, you can't be blamed for your failures! You can blame it on someone else, in this case "white people"!)

It isn't hard to imagine camps, not unlike Treblinka, being set up for white Americans and staffed by angry blacks, giving white people "what they deserve"!  White people cannot believe such a thing could happen! Nor could the Jews in the 1930's! The community just kept their heads down, hoping things would "blow over".  Jewish veterans of WW I, some decorated with the Iron Cross who fought in the German Army, could not and would not believe their country would turn on them!  A Rabbi in Czechoslovakia remarked "what are they going to do? Kill us all?"  They tried, didn't they?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

More on Sept 14th

We were arguing with the black moderator. We were pointing out the Qur'anic references to our assertions. He responded by saying "that may be your truth but it's not my truth!"

So how do you deal with that? A relativistic view of the world governed by "feelings" and not facts.

OSCE Conference, Warsaw PL, Sept 14, 2017

The fighters for freedom, Americans for America, Pax Europa, Act for America Minneapolis, Center for Security Policy,  Henrik's NGO, and my Sea Jay Foundation all gave a total of 13 interventions today.
After each one, the moderator "reminded" us to stick by the OSCE Standards.  Turns out, their "Standard" was  "not to link violence to any religion".  Of course, that's a lie! All you have to do is look at the ample references to Jihad in the Qur'an. It shows the reference point of the European Left and their emotional response to Islam.

The other OSCE moderator we talked to was a huge black Muslim.  He told us "we saw your application, we know what you believe, but we let you come anyway."  In other words, they would like nothing better than to kick us out of the Conference. We are disturbing their leftie "tolerance and non-discrimination" narrative that whitewashes Islam. 

And since we are disrupting the narrative, they are pissed! My guess this is our last trip to the Conference. The Muslims have enough money to get them to keep us out!

France, Germany, Austria, the UK and Canada all expressed "disappointment" that there were those who were "not moving forward with the OSCE agenda" of the multiculturalism inclusive path to security. But all you have to do is  look at Europe and see that it is a lie.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Free speech rallies by ACT for America scheduled for Sept 9th were cancelled. This, owing to the intimidation of ANTIFA.  The leadership whimpered about it "being a difficult decision".... No, folding in the face of threats is the EASY decision. To stand for Liberty when you're at risk is the difficult decision.

Usually, there is mumbling about "the safety of our members is paramount".   No, standing up for Liberty is paramount!  What do you think our forefathers felt standing in the skirmish line at Concord bridge with loaded muskets, facing a column of approaching heavily armed British troops?  What do you think the first line of raw recruit Blue Coats felt as they stepped off towards Confederate positions at the Battle of Bull Run?   Or what do you think the Marines felt who were in the first wave landing craft to hit the Island of Iwo Jima?

Here's what I propose: at the next Freedom Rally, real men [1] show up that are willing to stand for liberty in the tradition of those who have gone before us!  I recommend we wear our armor and helmets, carry our pistols and clubs, yet with the full intention of marching peacefully.

If Law Enforcement fulfills their Oath of Office to "uphold and protect the Constitution" and keeps violent groups like ANTIFA and BLM away from us as we exercise our Constitutional rights, that's good!  But chances are, they will deny us a permit, citing "the threat of violence, and they cannot guarantee our safety."   But since when has standing for Liberty ever been "safe"?

Are we going to allow the threat of violence by Left Wing groups nullify our Constitutional Right to free speech and peaceful assembly?  Are we going to allow the spineless City Officials cave in to ANTIFA intimidation and surrender our rights?  These Officials need to remember that their duty is to "uphold the Constitution" not just "keep the peace".

[1] Yes, ladies, I said "real men"!  That doesn't mean the ladies can't show. But we're expecting fists, kicks,  clubs, brickbats, urine, feces and worse!  We're not talking rational relational dialogue here!  ANTIFA has young females doing their worst. Are you ready to help us take them on if need be?


The DNC, seeing that it is losing the popular vote, will now use ANTIFA, funded by big Democratic donors,  to deny freedom of speech and assembly to its opponents, (meaning anyone NOT on the LEFT who will be labeled "Nazis"). This will include any speeches, rallies, town hall meetings by Republicans, and soon Tea Parties! They intend to make the Trump rallies of the last election IMPOSSIBLE

Any city controlled by the Democrats will have the police stand down, "Sorry, we can't guarantee your safety" (at the orders of the Mayor as did happen in Charlottesville).  Google and Face Book will also be enlisted to shut down political websites not on the Left as "hate speech".

Historically, ANTIFA has been around for a long time! It was the same ANTIFA that Hitler's Brown Shirts fought on the streets of German Cities in the 1920's as the Weimar Republic broke down. Same symbols, same tactics!  Is America the next Weimar Republic?

Members of the far-left Antifa extremist organization give a clenched fist salute on Sept. 1, 1928. The group's original intent was to bring out a communist dictatorship in Germany. (Fox Photos/Getty Images)
                                                                  ANTIFA in Germany, 1928

And what do we hear from our RINO representatives like Coffman and Senator Gardner? Silence!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Freedom of Speech and assembly

These two priceless pillars of our constitutional liberty are under attack. Here’s the way they are being undermined, the melee in Charlottesville being a good case study.

1.       The Organizers applied for a permit to have their rally. They were initially denied a permit, but then were granted one after an appeal to a Federal Court.

2.       The rally began with the marchers lined up to proceed to Lee Park, a city block turned into a park with a statue of Robert E Lee in the middle thereof. 

3.       Hostile mobs of Antifa, BLM and other left-wing groups, bussed in from New York and elsewhere, surrounded and pelted the marchers with all manner projectiles, dangerous and disgusting. Anticipating this, the marchers had shields, and formed a surroundng phalanx to protect themselves.

4.       After 40 minutes, heavily armed police formed up behind the marchers and announced by bullhorn that the march was “an unlawful assembly and commanded the marchers to disperse”.  The marchers found themselves caught between the police and the hostile mobs. As the marchers tried to disperse and leave the park for a safe zone, the mob charged and a melee ensued.

5.       The mainstream press and the Democratic Governor and Mayor immediately blamed the violence on the marchers and on President Trump.

6.       The call went forth to ban “hate groups” from having rallies and making speeches “because of the hate and violence of the white supremacists”.


1.       The marchers had a permit and the Constitutional right to free speech and assembly, even though their points of view some may consider marginal.

2.        The violence was caused not by the marchers, but by the Democratic Mayor giving the police the “stand down” order that allowed the mob of ANTIFA and BLM thugs to attack with impunity!

3.       The oath that elected officials and police officers take is to uphold the Constitution, NOT  merely to “keep the peace”.  They had an obligation to protect the marchers’ exercise of their Constitutional rights by keeping the groups separated, not by being a blocking force that forced the groups together making a violent melee inevitable.

4.       Bussing in large numbers of ANTIFA activists takes money and logistic planning. Whoever is doing it needs to be exposed and stopped. 


1.       If our society is to NOT lapse into civil war, we must keep in mind our Constitutional rights. 

2.       If we agree that “Fascists must not be allowed to speak”, then it won’t be long before the Progressives will apply this to Republicans, white people, Christians or anyone else on their enemy’s list du jour.

3.       There IS ALWAYS more than one point of view! Joe Biden’s remarks[1] that there is “only one side” it typical of the Progressive moralistic tone. The trouble with the moralist is that the “I’m right and you’re evil” conviction shuts down any rational discussion of the issue.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Diversity and Google

Sadly, for all SJW's, tech ability isn't distributed in accordance with politically correct guidelines.  Recently, Jessie Jackson wanted to pass laws that stated any IT contract with the Federal Government would mandate a quota of black programmers.  In his statement he referred to the discriminatory "white men and brown men".  He was referring to the large number of Indian programmers, so he couldn't hang the mantle of racist only on white people for a change.

Then, Google would have to put Jessie Jackson's girlfriend on salary at $120,000 a year without her having to write even a line of code! (or even show up for work for that matter).  The Google executive that pointed out the insanity of all this was summarily fired!  It shows how toxic our society has become.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hatred, Discrimination and Tolerance

When the Muslims howl how we must "fight hatred, intolerance and discrimination", here is the essence of what they want:  when they wage Jihad against us, we do not have permission to object!
To disapprove of beheadings, honor killings, rapes, assaults  or suicide bombings is to be "hateful, intolerant and discriminatory against Muslims"!  And it's working!

The police turn a blind eye to the grooming gangs, and the courts release the offenders, citing "cultural differences",  In other words, only the Shari'a applies to Muslims, even when they reside in the West!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the end result: if only the Shari'a applies to Muslims, and we allow 50 million of them into the United States, they will gain plurality and impose the Shari'a on all of us!  We will be enslaved in our own country as the Muslim leaders predict.

Americans enslaved.

Monday, June 26, 2017

What Black People Need

The thing that's holding back blacks today is black leadership! In order to preserve their own influence and position, they keep black people isolated. They tell them that their lagging status in American society is due to the malevolence of white people, and that they are victims! That the path forward is to march arm and arm on the capitol and "demand equality, their fair share!" In other words, the path forward is collective and political!

The Leftist academia and media go along with this, making these unsubstantiated assertions of victimhood so often, they are presumed to be fact! Along with this is the glorification of the thug ghetto culture as something uniquely "black".

Another noxious concept is "white privilege", the most privileged being Jews and American Irish. Yet in the 19th Century, Irish and Jewish immigrants started out at the very bottom! This is achievement not privilege! Oh, but their skin wasn't black, the apologists will say.  Sorry. Take a look at Nigerian immigrants who are prospering in the US by the hundreds of thousands.

First, the fact that blacks lag economically is not due to white malevolence!  America has bent over backwards to give blacks an equal opportunity to get education, employment, housing and all manner of transfer payments such as Section 8 Vouchers and EBT cards.

The reality is: black progress will come by working hard, by getting an education, and saving money. Black progress will start when the Jessie Jacksons of the world are put out to pasture and the thug ghetto culture is ridiculed for the destructive effect it has rather than being glorified. Rather than being "black", this thug ghetto cultures has its roots amongst the southern red necks!

Only when black students who do well in school and speak "proper" are not beaten for "going white" is there going to be progress for black people.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Passing of Christian Europe

As the ancient Israelites turned their backs on the Lord and were destroyed, so too is Christian Europe. Without any gratitude or accountability to the Lord for his goodness, European society has basically lost its will to live. Moral relativism is the key.

If all societies are equal, with no appreciation for God's gifts of peace and prosperity, there is no reason to defend yours. Allowing in floods of Jihadists who hate Christian society and Christians is proving suicidal. But the Marxist view is "all people are the same, and motivated economically. So all we have to do is provide money and opportunity for all and we'll all live happily ever after."

The Marxists have either forgotten 1400 years of Islamic theology or are intentionally concealing it for their own purposes. They choose to ignore the concept of Hijra and Jihad.

Though the secularists think to themselves "oh since I don't go to church, the Jihadists won't come after me" they are sadly mistaken. One can be shredded by IED ball bearings or run down by a truck in a public space regardless of church membership.

It's astounding to see the European leaders engage in willful blindness to Islamic Jihad! Attack after attack is dismissed as "the million and thirty second disturbed young Muslim, but Islam has nothing to do with it."  There is a deep seated resignation and passivity to the destruction of the society for which they are responsible. The only concerted government action is against their own citizenry who are beginning to fight back against being led by their suicidal leaders to the Islamic Chopping blocks.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Forbidden Scenario

Walking in downtown Denver: the 16th Street Mall hyped to be the summertime center: music, shops, open air restaurants.  But all I see is trash, drunks vomiting in the alleys, boarded up mall spaces, and panhandlers. Then I see a  dozen black teenagers, all carrying 3 foot lengths of rebar.   I cross the street, wanting to put distance between me and this perceived threat.   But they start tracking me, and start crossing the street mall towards me.  I turn and run!

I can hear them behind me, also running. Now they're yelling "git that motherfucker, kill this motherfucker, we gonna  kill yo' ass!"  I see a corner of a building and head for it.  Rounding the corner, I take shelter out of view of my pursuers.  I draw my XDm .40 caliber, loaded with self-defense hollow points and dial 911 on my cell phone. I place the weapon at the ready position and lean around the corner. It's a semi-defensible position. The thought of being surrounded in the middle of the street by a dozen young blacks swinging 3 foot rebars didn't seem survivable.

No more than 10 feet away, at a dead run, are these yelling and whooping young men, holding the rebars high.  I open fire, yelling "stay away from me!".  The training kicks in, head shot after head shot, with the hollow points fulfilling their design function.  Four figures lay sprawled on the sidewalk, each with a growing pool of dark blood , the rebars still in their hands.  With yelps and whimpers, the others turn and flee. I take no further action: bullets in the back cannot be justified as defensive.

I am suddenly cognizant of the voice of 911 on the phone howling for more information.  I say "There's been a shooting at 16th and Stout, send the police and medical assistance. My name is DMP, I'm 78 years old, and I'm wearing a blue blazer and gray slacks".  Click!  I hang up and call  US Law shield and say the same thing.

A police car screeches around the corner with lights and sirens blazing. I get on my knees, lay my pistol down on the ground in front of me and interlock my fingers  on the top of my head! "FREEZE"! says a strong voice.  I don't move a muscle.  I am slammed from behind, flattening me on the pavement, breaking and bloodying my nose.  My arms are seized and bent behind my back, my wrists are handcuffed.  Then I'm yanked to my feet and dragged to the back of a police car. Blood and phlegm have completely soiled the front of my shirt and pants.

ALL RIGHT, ASSHOLE, YOU WANNA TELL US WHAT HAPPENED?"  I respond, "I fully want to co-operate with Law Enforcement, but for the present I  decline to answer any questions until I have had a chance to consult with my attorney".

In spite of all deceptive tactics by the police to strike up a conversation to get me talking, or to intimidate me, I stick to my mantra until the US Law Shield attorney shows up. I'm out of jail in three days, I've filed reports and statements, and we will know whether or not the DA will file charges in a week or so. I have an appointment to get my nose put back together, which hurts like hell. Only God knows if I'll ever get my pistol back.

The interesting thing is the press. They're having trouble depicting a 78 year old as a "cowboy looking to shoot someone" or as a "racist seeking to harass a dozen young blacks".  But they are trying.

What I found the most telling is the interviews with the "families" of the young blacks.  "my boy, he be good boy!  He goin' college, until he be shot by dat honkie motherfucker!"  Police reports on the youngsters showed, even at 15, they all had long rap sheets of drugs, assaults, and robberies.  Also, this particular young man had dropped out of school the year before.

Some of the assailants were apprehended and interviewed.  "Why do you do this?"  "Oh, I dunno, we jus' bored.  Besides we don' know 'em, we don' care about hurtin' em!"  Still, the black groups are howling "Justice for the Denver four!"  But better this than my wife arranging my funeral about now.

My strategy is that I'm going to file civil lawsuits against all the "families" (usually a grandma or a single mom at best).  If nothing else, I'll take their EBT cards.  Offense is the best defense.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Global Islamic Jihad

It’s distressing to see the obduracy of the Security Services in dealing with Global Islamic Jihad. When they make announcements such as

“no links with ISIS have been found” or “Drone attack kills ISIS leader” it’s an indicator that they still treat the jihad organizations as hierarchical and are seeking to dismantle them in the tried and true historical fashion.  This is outdated.

In the book “A terrorists Call to Global Jihad” (Naval Institute Press, 2008), the Islamic Jihad Manifesto of Abu Musab al-Suri is set forth in all clarity.  Al Suri was in the Afghanistan camps when they were struck by US Forces in 2001.  His epiphany was the realization that hierarchical organizations were vulnerable to Security Services and would always be defeated. So he devised a different strategy:

  • Ideology, weapons manufacture, training, and target selection would be handled by anonymous decentralized communications. We see this in slick magazines such as Dabiq, Inspire, Rumiyah and others. And we’ve witnessed the effectiveness in the truck attacks and pressure cooker bombs, both of which were set forth in Inspire Magazine.
  • These publications are in English, by and for Muslims living in the West. After the London attacks, PM Theresa May has singled out the internet as an area that needed further attention. Realistically, there’s little likelihood such moves would be effective: distribution would merely move offline.  
  • Another aspect is the religious justification, and the glorification and praise of past martyrdom (Shaheed) operations.
  • With this guidance and encouragement, it is left to individual Muslims in the West to carry out the Jihad, undetectable and unstoppable by standard methodology.

But the biggest handicap of all is the notion of “terrorism” as opposed to Islamic Jihad.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been very successful in  the deception of separating violence from Islam in the Western mind. But if one actually reads Islamic Doctrine, this notion is totally absurd. Until we actually follow our own doctrine of Intelligence  preparation of the battlefield, which is starting from what’s happening on the ground and working backwards, we will never be successful in defending and preserving our civilization.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Oh, but not all Muslims are 'that way!' "

Don't we hear this often?  But here's the proper view:
If you see a member of a religious community, say a nun in her habit, you can truthfully point to her and say "not all Catholics are like her"!  But we do know this woman practices the faith to a greater depth than we do. We wouldn't ever say "she's not the real Catholicism".

Same with Jihadis.  May I remind you that the father of the Tsnarev brothers (the Boston Marathon bombers) commented that they were "very religious".  Please understand that Jihad is considered an act of the highest piety! So it's  an intentional deception planted by the Muslim Brotherhood to think there are Moderate Muslims vs. Extremist Muslims: there is only one Islam! And violence and Islam are inextricably linked!

Thus, to say "we need to teach Jihadis Western values" is absurd! Many of the young jihadis were born in the West. If they can't learn Western values in 19 years, they never will.

To say "we need de-radicalization programs" is also ridiculous!  Islam is Islam!  You can't take out a piece of the faith, which Jihad is.  Anwar al -Awlaki once said "America wants Islam to its own taste: with no Shari'a and no Jihad".  He's right!  And you can see how such an approach misunderstands the issue: Islam is the problem, not a perversion thereof!  That's what must be faced!  It would be like saying "we need to de-Catholicize people and get them over this belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, because we as secularists think this is absurd!"  The deal is, if a person does lose Faith in the real presence, he ceases to be Catholic. And so with a Muslim who lays aside violent Jihad against the Kuffar!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

British Government Jihad Cope Kit

Here's an idea that the British Government might adopt, since it fits well with their behavior: make available to all British citizens affected by attacks of young Muslim men the following:
  • Teddy Bears
  • plastic flowers
  • A candle
  • Sign reading "Love Not Hate!  We are all ____________. "  (The blank space represents a section of white board, such that the location of the most recent attack can be quickly filled in without having to replace the whole sign).
Send out flyers emphasizing if anyone is fearful of being stabbed, run over,  shot, or blown to bits, they may be suffering from the first signs of "Islamophobia" and must report to the nearest Mosque for treatment. (The usual is a choice of either conversion to Islam or a private beheading).

The Independent urges the British to "keep on Keeping on", which means stay in line quietly as you work your way up to the Islamic chopping block!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Section 8 Vouchers: Tip of the Spear to Destroy White Civilization

Here is the process;
  • People armed with Section 8 Vouchers move into a community, trying to escape "the bad neighborhoods" (that they themselves create with their behavior).
  • They trash the properties.  In once instance I witnessed, the tenants stole the toilets to sell them and proceeded to urinate and defecate on the floors of the apartments, wiping their butts with newspapers and just leaving them there! This is a perfect example of the impulsive short term thinking by the Section 8 people: $30 now, not thinking of the consequence for how they will live in the immediate future.
  • They trash the neighborhood with refuse and litter
  • They create a "food desert": with repeated robberies of grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations and small businesses:  They all close.
  • The home invasions and armed robberies and "pick out knock out" game means the neighborhoods are no longer safe. The whites move out for the safety of themselves and their families. (The Left howls "racism"!)
  • Property values plummet. All the mortgages become "under water". Property becomes unsalable and owners take massive capital losses as they walk away from their properties. It becomes unsafe for white owners to collect past due rents, which is another reason for them to walk away. And no one can or will maintain the properties.  The destruction is rapid and complete!

The Federal Government's myth of harmonious multi-racial and multi-cultural neighborhoods is just that! a myth! The only integrated neighborhood is from the time the first Section 8 people move in until the last white family moves out.  In 1970 Ferguson MO was 100% white. Now it is 90% Section 8 people.
Undeterred in it's War on "systemic racism" (that is, white families fleeing the Section 8 violence) there is a new campaign of "Furthering Affirmative Fair Housing" which will place massive Section 8 projects in every neighborhood in America.

This is, of course, why disarming America is so important to the Progressives. They can't have white racists defending themselves against the muggers , "pick out knock out" game, and home invaders and carjackers.

White people want to give Section 8 people "equal opportunity": that is, education, training, and opportunity to achieve a decent life. (And  are some that have done so and are criticized as having "gone white"!) But as a whole, Section 8 people are told by their leaders (like Obama and Eric Holder) that since this is such a prosperous society, why shouldn't they just be given their "fair share"?  And further, if they are NOT given their fair share, they are going to take it!

And so the Destruction Continues

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Divine Mercy Sunday April 23, 2017

The first Sunday after Easter, (today) is designated Divine Mercy Sunday by the Church. It was started by St Faustina, a humble Polish nun in the 1930's. She had persistent visions of Jesus himself who would prompt her on how to get this Day of Divine Mercy going.  Can you imagine?  An insignificant nun trying to push the ancient Church bureaucracy?  But nonetheless, after 50 odd years, Pope Paul II established the Day of Divine Mercy in the early 1980's.

That the Church has lasted over two millennia really is a miracle. It must be divinely ordained, judging how quickly most human organizations sink into oblivion with infighting, backbiting and schisms. Factions split off it's true: but where are the Nestorians these days?  The Protestants are still around. But judging from some of the compromising practices to accommodate the current fashions of the day............

We had a wonderful Divine Mercy service this afternoon, wonderfully medieval! Smells, and bells, Latin hymns, the works: all great stuff in this age of  modern trending and instant communications.  The service was topped of with a recitation of "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, given to St. Faustina by Jesus during her conversations with his apparition.  Cool, huh?  Still some bedrock grounding in the mystery of the Faith, in spite of the secular insistence that all must be known, measured, documented  and modeled, and fitted into a narrative.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Syrian Invasion?

If the rumors of 150,000 US Troops to "topple Assad and take out ISIS" are accurate, we are heading into another quagmire from which there will be no honorable exit.

The troops will immediately be handcuffed for fear of civilian casualties, and beset and discredited by the Mainstream Media and the Islamist propagandists. It will get so bad that the military will probably implement the policy of sending our guys out on patrol unarmed so "the Syrian people will know we are friendly" (as proposed, no doubt, by some overweight minority female Colonel in the Pentagon that's never been in the field). And our guys will die like flies.......

So, ten thousand lives and six trillion dollars later, we will have nothing to show for our efforts, except a demoralized and weakened military and a bankrupted country, (which is the globalist plan all along, to be executed by McCain, McMasters and Senator Schumer to name a few).

I wasn't expecting Trump to be sucked in on this globalist agenda that makes him an Obama successor.

false flags

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Resurrection

The  Gospel today was the raising of Lazarus, certainly a tough miracle to accept for the modern secularist.  "Lord he's been dead for four days. By now there is a stench".  The raising of Lazarus prefigured the Passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus himself. But as St Paul says, "If Jesus is not raised, our faith is in vain". So we have faith!

Prosperity Preaching: this is the cruelest aspect of  TV  Evangelests. It has the followers believing that if they "perform", they will be rewarded.  So if things don't work out, you must be doing something wrong!  The book of Job should have laid that to rest millennia ago!

When Jesus told his disciples  that it was difficult for the rich to enter heaven, they marveled, exclaiming "who then can be saved?" Judaism of the day taught that the wealthy were so because they enjoyed divine favor.

Christianity teaches us we must "take up the cross" and follow Jesus. That's a far cry from doing everything according to the law and having a comfortable life on earth. No, it means we're nailed to a cross either figuratively or literally, and we have faith in the resurrection and eternal life.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

London attack of March 22, 2017

Headlines announcing "Militant had no ties to terrorists organizations" are distressing to say the least.  Abu Musab al-Suri, having survived the attacks made on the training camps in Afghanistan in 2001, realized that a hierarchical structure for Jihad organizations would always be dismantled by security services. He thus devised the strategy of “individual Jihad” which is in use today. (See “A Terrorist’s Call to Global Jihad”).

Online publications, such as “Inspire” and “Dabiq”, provide ideology, training, encouragement and target selection for Jihadis world-wide. Currently the Magazines encourage the use of readily available vehicles and knives as weapons for attacks, as we have seen in London and elsewhere.  ISIS did, in fact, claim responsibility for the success of “the blessed attacks in London”.

 Authorities should derive meager comfort from finding no overt ties to Jihad organizations: this is as intended by Abu Musab al-Suri.

Dave Petteys

Sea Jay Foundation

Highlands Ranch CO

303 884 5897

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Westminster Jihad Nonsense

Having walked across that bridge many times, the attack seems personal. What's appalling is the moronic response by British Authorities!

Are we not sick of the candle light vigils, the moments of silence, and the "We are all Westminster" BS when there is no follow up to address the cause?  Which is Islam and Muslims! Why walk arm and arm singing kumbahyah with the same Imams  (weeping alligator tears) who sent the killers into the society in the first place? It's time to do something about this!
  1. Monitor the Mosques, shut down and kick out and incarcerate the Imams who preach Jihad, and  Death to the Queen (or America in our case) and death to the Jews.
  2. shut down the immigration of hostile Muslim Civilizational Jihadists who come to destroy our society and us, not assimilate
  3. Deport the ones that are here who form hostile enclaves and who absorb billions in welfare and child support and contribute nothing to the host society.

The main obstacle is the false narrative of "moderate Muslims" vs "Extremist Muslims".  This is a false dichotomy: there is only ONE Islam, ONE Jihad, ONE Shari'a Law!  It is the old 'good cop bad cop' ruse writ large!  

The "moderate Muslims" say "oh, let us advise you on how to deal with the extremists".  Their solution is to do nothing, to sit tight and let them kill us, lest we "offend the moderate Muslims". It is a recipe for defeat, death and destruction!  When PM Theresa May said "The attack is not Islamic", it means she buys into this false narrative.

Interestingly enough, current philosophical thought dwells on "narrative": it holds we actually create our reality by our words. Thus, if the truth doesn't conform to the narrative, it must be ruthlessly suppressed to protect the narrative view of reality: to wit, their version of truth itself.  What nonsense!

There is an absolute truth independent of what we think and say.  The earth revolves around the sun no matter what we think. The tree falls in the forest with a tremendous crash regardless of anyone hearing it or not.  Mummy autopsies reveal death by diseases undiscovered and unnamed until millennia later.

American Health Care

The book "How Not To Die" has a lot of good points. It likens American health care to this: if you have a sink that's overflowing, American medicine continually brings in mops and paper towels to clean up the water, but never addresses the cause and turns off the water faucet!

The premise is that a correct diet can reverse most of the major killers in our society, like heart disease and cancer. The problem is this: the medical profession is paid to treat the symptoms with surgery and expensive drugs, not advise people to eat more healthily. Nor is the meat industry and the processed food industry amenable to being eliminated from the American diet. So there is vested interest in continuing to kill people.

The book pointed out many of the ruses the tobacco industry used to foster the falsehood that "smoking isn't inherently bad, only 'excess smoking' ".  They paid Doctors to write such articles, backing up their spurious claim with cherry-picked studies.  Today, the whole plant diet is where non-smoking was in 1959.

It also points out the fraud of Health Insurance: health insurance is not health care. It only funds the vested interests in place today.  And with deductibles of $12,000, that's like not having insurance at all.

 To think that we can heal ourselves by changing what we eat and give the extended middle finder to the cancer wards and the cardiology bypass mills is too good to pass up!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

London Attacks of March 2017

The appalling aspect of the attacks was the remarks of Siddiq Khan, the Mayor of London. He thanked the emergency crews that cleaned up the bodies  for "doing a fine job under the circumstances".  But there was NO condemnation of the perpetrators of the attack, nor was there any resolve to prevent future attacks and protect the citizens of London. The Mayor basically shrugged and dismissed the attacks as "part of life in the big city". He has also announced his intention to bring in a million more Muslims into London, which will increase the Jihad by a factor of 10.

The British elites have remained silent, bought off as they are by the zakat or blackmailed into such by being compromised as part of the various pedophile rings.  The next step is for the Muslims to set up execution squares in the parts of London they control. Then on a regular basis, Brits are kidnapped and brought there for  public beheadings for the amusement of the locals.

Naturally, anyone who objects to or publicizes facts about these public executions will be arrested for bigotry, Islamophobia and  "hate speech".

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hawaiian Judge's Ruling

This Judge ruled that an Imam has a "Constitutional Right to bring in anyone they want."  Is the Judge not familiar with the concept of "Hijra", whereby Muslims flood into a non-Islamic country and take it over?

Here we're bringing in hundreds of thousands of primitive Somalis who will NEVER assimilate, who will NEVER be self-sufficient. They will form enclaves around their Mosques, the Imams of which will preach "Death to America and Death to the Jews". They will send fighters into the community to kill us. 

Yet the Progressives depict this as "Democracy in action" with a picture of the Statue of Liberty restraining the President!  This is cultural suicide!  The phony white liberals take our security and our prosperity for granted. Both will be eventually lost with the tidal wave of aliens that do not share our values.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spirit of Ameria Rally Feb 27, 2017 CO State Capital

Spirit of America Rally CO State Capital 2/27/17


The False meme is as follows: that there is a "war for the heart of Islam" and our actions determine the outcome! This is the foundation of the "extremist vs. moderate" Muslim ploy. So we are told
  • Oh, you can't tie violence to Islamic Doctrine
  • Oh, you can't call Jihadi attacks Islamic
  • Oh, you can't stop the flood of Jihadi settlers into the country
  • Oh, you can't read Islamic documents and criticize Islam publicly
Because if you do, "the moderates will be offended and you will drive them into the arms of the extremists and they WIN!" 

This is all UTTER NONSENSE!   There is ONE Islam, ONE Shari'a and one Al Azhar University. There are several schools of ahadith, but they all agree on most things, especially on Jihad and treatment of the Kuffar.  There is no "war for the soul of Islam": that was all settled in the 9th Century.

The notion of "moderate" vs. "extremist" is no more than the "good cop bad cop" technique to confuse and badger the subject (in this case the Western host society). This  renders us unable to name the enemy properly and unable to formulate a coherent strategy to defend ourselves against this onslaught by the Global Islamic Movement.  This is what's been going on for the last 20 years!

So you can understand when the new National Security Advisor Gen. McMaster says "attacks are not Islamic", it is a red flag that he buys into this false meme, leaving us right where we were in 2001.  He basically is agreeing with Obama that anything we do to defend our nation is an "insult to Islam" and therefore we shouldn't do it"! With Gen. McMaster in charge, might as well report to the nearest Mosque for our beheading and get it over with.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Is it "hate" to say no?  When the Muslims come here and DEMAND we eliminate Christian holidays, and institute Muslim ones, that we teach Arabic to our school children, that we introduce Halal foods in our public schools, that we shut down liquor stores and night clubs, is it "hate" to say no?

If the snowflakes  upset with President Trump, were to immigrate to Saudi Arabia, what do you think the Saudi King would say to the snowflakes, marching in the streets demanding free apartments in which to cohabitate with their partners? or more welfare and the institution of night clubs in downtown Mecca?  I imagine "chop chop square" in Mecca would be working overtime.

We have no moral obligation to subordinate our civilization to the Islamic invaders, (and that's what they really are! See "The explanatory Memorandum").  The snowflakes  who think we owe everyone in the world the opportunity to come here and live the American Dream are unaware of the Doctrine of Hijra, which is a plan to flood the West with Civilizational Jihadists, overwhelm the society by taking advantage of their na├»ve decency and kindness to legitimate immigrants, and TAKE OVER!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Phil Haney's Translation of the AMJA Fatwa

4 February 2017
Friends and family:
These are “deep dive” documents that show the theological depths of the Muslim plan to take down the West, and how critical times are for Western Civilization. In a WW II analogy, we are approaching our “Battle of Midway” where we either start turning the tide, or we perish!
Flooding the West with Muslim “immigrants” (invaders is a much better and more accurate term) is key to their strategy. President Trump’s interference is causing “calamity” to their strategy, and the whole Global Islamic Movement is being rallied to resist!
Here is the link to the enemy AMJA document:
Here is Phil Haney’s breakdown of what it is saying. I would recommend printing them both out, and then going back and forth as Phil explains every paragraph and every Islamic reference. It is frightening!
My synopsis of the significance is this: building the wall to start securing our borders is quintessential to our survival.  It is of Biblical import. I would reference Nehemiah 2:17 and onwards to remind ourselves that this has all happened before.
The riots at the Milo talk in Berkeley recently is only a taste of what the Progressive / Muslim combine will to to impede the construction! Building the wall will be a military operation in every sense.  We need only recall Nehemiah 4:10, when Nehemiah states “From that time on, however, only half my workforce took hand in the work, while the other half, armed with spears, bucklers, bows and breastplates, stood guard behind the whole house of Judah as they rebuilt the wall.”
Even after the wall is built, the smuggling efforts will only shift to other areas. Protecting America from Hijra will be a long-term struggle that will last generations! I foresee the necessity of strengthening border defenses along the Canadian border and the seacoasts. Redeploying military forces from overseas to our domestic borders will become necessity.
May the Lord be with us in this existential struggle.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Counter Terrorism? Nonsense! It's Counter Jihad!

All the programs in the Denver area stress "counter terrorism", yet they try to do so "without violating the Civil Rights of the Muslim community".  What nonsense!

There has been over 30 thousand attacks by Islamic Jihad groups since Sept 11, 2001, yet the apologists continually refer to "the Christian Terrorist Timothy McVeigh with his bomb attack in 1995" as a moral equivalent. One to thirty thousand? Does that seem equivalent?  I don't think so!

The next thing the apologists say is "well, not all Muslims are terrorists", and CAIR assures us "they are out partners in fighting terrorism."  It's all part of the definitions and the ideology:
  • Islam defines "terrorism" as "killing Muslims without right".  The only "right" to kill Muslims is for apostasy and adultery. As far as killing the Kuffar in attacks of Jihad, that's Qur'anically sanctioned.
  • To say "not all Muslims are terrorists" doesn't help. The Muslim community does not assist law enforcement in apprehending "the fringe of violent Jihadis".  The reason is Jihad is a an act of the highest piety. Suras 5 and 9 were revealed last, which means under the principle of abrogation, they have preference.  The tolerant "early Suras" have been superseded or abrogated!
The next absurdity is the authorities striving to conceal the facts about the attacks of Islamic Jihad. Remember during the Orlando attack the government edited the Police 911 transcript of the attacker declaring allegiance to the Islamic State. They suppressed the fact the attacker was shouting "Allahu Akbar" as he fired and killed 49 people!

The notion that if we hold the Islamic community responsible for Islamic Jihad it will somehow make things worse is a flawed logic encouraged by the Muslim Brotherhood. Their thesis is the Jihadis have "hijacked" a peaceful Islam and  are trying to get validation. And if we tie violence to Islam the "extremists" somehow "win". But this is not the truth.

Violence is inextricably linked to Islam.  Over 163 Suras of Jihad in the Qur'an attest to that fact. To self-delude ourselves to think otherwise will only hasten our demise.  It's time to deal with the truth. It will set us free!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Biker Gangs Defend Freedom

It's a sad state of affairs when society has to depend on Biker Gangs to defend itself. The Globalists must be stopped in liquidating the West, trashing our society with Muslim Civilizational Jihadists.


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